Coleman Air Conditioning Repair

Protect Your Investment With The Right Coleman Air Conditioning Repair

Coleman is a highly respected manufacturer of Air conditioning units and most people will not have many issues with their system. But over time something can come up and the system may need repair. Here we will take a look at what a homeowner can do when they find their Coleman air conditioner not working as it should and how to protect their investment.

Basic Checks Most Homeowners Can Do Themselves

Anytime there is an issue and you are unsure that you really know what to do, then obviously you should call a professional. But there are many things that you can check yourself before calling a professional and these are things that most homeowners will be comfortable doing.

  1. Has The Air Conditioning Unit Stopped Working Completely?When your thermostat signals the air conditioning unit that it’s time turn on but the unit doesn’t come on, then the first thing you’ll want to check is the electrical panel. Make certain that fuses have not been blowing or that the breaker has not been tripped. With today’s homes being loaded down with many electronics including microwaves, computers, and a whole range of other items, it’s not uncommon to occasionally trip a breaker.When this happens it’s very common for a homeowner to simply overlook this simple to remedy problem. But the next time that the air conditioner completely fails to work, then this is the first place that a homeowner should check. If it happens to be this simple fix then it’s simply flicking a switch to reset, and the air conditioner will again begin to work properly.
  2. Make Sure The Direct Power Is OnThe outdoor condenser is generally in a metal box and placed near the compressor. A homeowner should check to make sure that no one has deliberately or accidentally shut off the 240-volt disconnect on the compressor. This is a less common occurrence but it is something that happens, and again, it is a simple fix.
  3. Check The Batteries In The Thermostat.Many systems use batteries in the thermostat and they sometimes need to be replaced. To check this, you will first need to turn off the power to the air conditioner. You then take the body of the thermostat out from its base and this can usually be done by simply pulling straight out. Once you have it, then simply replace the batteries and reinstall. After reinstalling you will want to wait four or five minutes before turning the air conditioner on again.

The Best Way To Protect Your Coleman Air Conditioner And Your Investment

You made a great decision by investing in a Coleman air conditioner and you want to protect that investment. Many homeowners think that as long as their system is running fine then there’s nothing that they need to do. But just as it is recommended that you go in at least once a year and have a physical check-up, you should also have your Coleman air conditioner checked by a professional once a year even when everything seems to be working fine.

The reason that this helps to protect your investment is that having it checked on a yearly basis means the professional can catch any issues early and fix it, allowing the system to work for many more years than it would if you waited until a major issue came up. Just as by going in for a physical to your doctor can allow the doctor to catch some early warning signs, so too, having a professional HVAC technician check your Coleman air conditioner for repairs can catch any issues early and protect your investment and keep the cost of repair down.

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