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Deseret Ranches
13754 Deseret Ln, St Cloud, FL 34773
(407) 892-3672
Largest Cattle Range in the USA! But it’s much more than that. Deseret Ranches has been operating out of Central Florida since the 1950s and has been providing safe and nutritious food to stores across the nation for the last 60 years.

It is a home to over 300 species of Wildlife that Desert Ranches aims not to disturb with their agricultural activities but rather preserve them, nurture them and aid their survival. Deseret Ranches is a group of farmers and ranchers who pride themselves in their work in agriculture and their role as an environmental steward and community partner.

Desert Ranches reaches out to support local communities, tackles environmental issues and loves to buy, sell and support locally to build the surrounding region. They strive to always provide job opportunities on their ranch, as well as supporting local businesses.

Deseret Ranches manages wildlife, runs cattle, grows and harvests citrus trees, even mines and harvests timber, all while providing important environmental functions. Deseret Ranches cares very much about sustainability, and firmly believes that at the rate of operations currently, desert ranches can continue to operate for decades to come without exhausting natural resources. They also hope to continue servicing the community, region, and environment for as long as they remain active.

This is the largest Ranch East of Mississippi, with over 42,0000 heads of cattle and 312,000 acres. If you are a nature lover, this is a must-see. The appreciation and respect these people have for nature are unparalleled. There is a Visitors Center where you can book a bus tour through miles of undeveloped land, and witness Florida’s wild side first hand.

The ranch is huge! Once you arrive it will take another 20-30 minutes to get to the Visitors Center, and another 1 hour for the tour. Tour Guides are extremely knowledgeable and will let you stop any where to take photos. Cattle will come up to the tour bus as the bus that brings them treats looks similar. But don’t get too attached! One of the main exports of the ranch remains beef.

For this reason, the tour may not be for the faint of heart. It’s a great family trip, but just remember the reality of the Ranch. The cattle are not be slaughtered at the Ranch, but rather transported to the mid-west. The cattle is a mix of Angus, Brahman, Simmental, Red Poll, and South Devon. A single cowboy manages around 1,200 of them! Deseret Ranches has a very stickily enforced policy on animal welfare, that it expects all it’s employees and cowboys to adhere to.

1100 acres of Deseret Ranch are dedicated to farming, among their farming exports are potato cucumbers, wheat, soybeans, black beans, sorghum, cauliflower. And that’s only the beginning! They plan on expanding the acreage vastly and providing more job opportunities.
and corn.

Best way to get there: take SR 532, Nova Road, off of SR 520 west of Cocoa and Deer Park Road to view the spectacle for yourself.
Tours should be scheduled in advance by calling 407-498-0388.

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