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Peghorn Nature Park Preview and Information

Peghorn Nature Park

This Park is the perfect place to sit back and relax, go for long and beautiful scenic hikes, or learn something new about Florida’s history.

Journey back to the late 1800s and see the real Florida. The Peghorn Nature Park is a beautiful reminder of rich central Florida heritage. It was created in 1992 to preserve the history of the area.

The name Peghorn Nature Park is derived from the peg horn cattle, which was the commonly raised cattle of the region in the 1900s. Wetlands and walking trails span across 58 acres of vast nature. This nature preserve is home to much of Florida’s plant and wildlife and is a great place for a school excursion or a family trip. If you are a geocacher you will also appreciate a chance to practice your skills amongst the many trails.

If you are a photographer, the Park features a diverse selection of fun to capture subjects. The park illustrates many old and interesting farming techniques of the late 1800s later. It also showcases historical gardening procedures. If you do decide to go on the trials, try to plan your trip on a sunny day. Rain will quickly make the trails swampy and very hard to tackle.

If you like a challenging trail, then come during the rainy season and bring some tall rubber boots. A flooded dike divides the two accessible areas, each of which is a trail that winds through vast ecosystems and wildlife ecosystems. Each of this hike will take you about 60-90 minutes to complete. The Real attraction of the Park is the old “Cracker” Village, that lets you step into the shoes of a 1900s farmer, cowboy and more! In this fantastic pioneer village, there is an adorable schoolhouse and even a butterfly garden. The garden is a local favorite due to the sheer beauty all the different plants collectively create.

The old buildings very accurately and informatively illustrate the way of life of the era. Park Staff are very friendly and quite knowledgeable concerning all things about Plant and Wildlife and are especially knowledgeable about the region’s history. Every second Saturday of the month they have an event known as the “Blue Grass Jam” where you can bring your own instruments and participate, or just sit back to listen and enjoy.

The Peghorn Nature Park is open Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 6 pm. It’s located at 2101 Peghorn Way St. Cloud, FL 3476.
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