Reptile World Serpentarium

Reptile World Serpentarium

Reptile World Serpentarium Information
5705 E Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, St Cloud, FL 34771
(407) 892-6905

Snakes! A very misunderstood and often demonized species of reptiles. The hunting style of these predatory reptiles has remained basically unchanged since the age of the dinosaurs. Snakes move around with no arms or legs is a mesmerizing and almost magical way. There is no shortage of them here at the Reptile World Serpentarium.

Face your fears or feed your fascination at the daily venom shows, where you learn how venom is extracted from snakes and how antivenom is produced. Not only is this an exciting trip to make, but also a very informative one. It’s no secret that Florida has its fair share of venomous snakes like the eastern diamondback rattlesnake, the cottonmouth, the copperhead, or the coral snake. It might come in handy to be able to identify and understand these creatures if ever you are to encounter them in the wild.

Reptile World Serpentarium also carries many amazing, rare, even deadly exotic snakes like a variety of impressive cobras and mambas. But that’s not all! While the Reptile World Serpentarium specializes in all kinds of snakes, they also have an array of many other amazing creatures on display. Come see them! From small lizards and geckos to large monitors and even alligators and crocodiles, the Reptile World Serpentarium has it all!

Get dizzy following the eyes of a chameleon, or try to spot out the incredible variety of lizard tongue shapes and sizes. It’s incredible just how much you can learn from a lizard from its tongue! It can tell you if it’s nocturnal, if its venomous, how aggressively it feeds, and many more weird and interesting things. If you like cute and friendly turtles, they have them.

If you like big old tortoises, they have them. Even mean and scary looking ones? All here for your viewing pleasure. Are you more of a bird person? Guess what? They have birds too! And they look spectacular. Are you looking to pick up the end of a rattlesnake tail or some cobra fangs for a love potion you are making? Want a parrots’ skull as a paperweight for your desk?

Trying to scare the daylights out of your grandma with a lifelike replica of a Sumatran Spitting Cobra? No problem! All these things and more are available here for purchase! Are you tired of your kids constant hyperactive fidgeting? There is a cure for that! Let the staff at Reptile World Serpentaruim put a 9 foot Burmese python on their shoulders and watch them get quiet real fast.

Fun for the whole family! So common already! Bring an open mind and a positive attitude, and have a great day at the Reptile World Serpentarium!

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Best way to get there: take SR 532, Nova Road, off of SR 520 west of Cocoa and Deer Park Road to view the spectacle for yourself.
Tours should be scheduled in advance by calling 407-498-0388.

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