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What You Need To Know About Sears Air Conditioner Repairs

Your HVAC system is designed to offer you with a comfortable environment by keeping your home cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months. Sears is a trusted company that offers air conditioner repairs and maintenance to ensure your cooling and heating systems operate smoothly throughout the year.

Here are a few tips to save you on money and time and to increase the benefits involved in your next repair service for your air conditioner or any other appliance in your home.

  • Ensure There Is Easy Access To Your Air ConditionerOne of the main issues faced by most of the repairmen involves difficult access to the appliance that they need to work on. By making sure you clean-up around the appliance it makes the technician’s job a lot easier as well as faster. Remove items, pets and children out of the area or room around the appliance before the technician arrives. This not only offers the technician with enough space to work in, but also prevents safety hazards for pets and kids.
  • Ask Your Technician To Check On All Your AppliancesYou can save on significant time and even money when you choose to ask the technician to check on a number of appliances in one appointment. You may even be offered with a discount on the service if multiple repairs are conducted in one visit. Due to the fact that a part of the repair bills involves travel time, checking on more than one appliance in one appointment can assist you in avoiding the costs involved in multiple visits.
  • Take The Time To Understand Your RepairsYou need to ask the technician what has gone wrong with the appliance and what caused the issue to begin with and even how this issue can be prevented into the future. By taking the time to gain an understanding of what has occurred, you are able to take better care of the appliance and minimize or completely avoid this issue from reoccurring.
  • Ask For Advice On How To Maintain Your Air ConditionerWhen you have a professional technician conducting repairs, take advantage of their knowledge by asking for tips on how to maintain your appliance and what you can do to prevent further damages and to extend the life-span of your air conditioner. Sears is one of the companies that offer programs where a technician will come out to your property in order to maintain any of your appliances and assist in preventing them from breaking-down.
  • Make Sure You Are ProtectedAsk the technician about the ways in which to protect your appliances and your home. For example, during a repair you can choose to buy an extended warranty, renew your current service agreement or buy a whole-home warranty. Remember to ask about any ways to save money by bundling all your appliances together under a single warranty which usually comes with a significant discount.

Always make sure that you provide reviews on the service once completed. Feedback from customers assists Sears in making customer-service experiences a lot more efficient and enjoyable.

The HVAC Savings Program

Each paid HVAC repair and maintenance service from Sears will earn you with dollar-for-dollar savings towards a replacement of your HVAC and up to a maximum of 10% on a purchase of a new unit. Any of the HVAC maintenance or repairs services conducted since January 2016 is credited automatically onto your account. This credit will never expire and you are able to combine these savings with any other offers.

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