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Wild Willy’s Boat Tours
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One of the best ways to get in touch with nature. This is one of those things you must do at least once. There is no better and safer way to experience Florida’s Nature in its most raw and natural form. Watch for gators, native birds, and enjoy a fascinating insight into Florida’s fascinating wildlife and vegetation. This is your chance to experience the wild side of St Cloud. Among a few great options for boating, air boating is probably one of the more fun ones. An Airboat does not have a traditional propeller submerged in water, rather, a giant fanlike, airplane-like propeller mounted on the back of the boat. It’s noisy! But everyone gets a sound cancelling headset with walkie-talkies attached.

Kids and adults alike will love talking through them, it feels like the whole family is piloting a helicopter. Airboats have a very flat hull, enabling them to cover an impressive variety of swampy terrain with ease. The way that the airboat glides over water and weeds alike is an experience in itself! It always amazes me how the boat never gets stuck.

And the airboat captains are always very knowledgeable concerning all things related to animal and plant life. Florida wildlife contains an impressive variety of birds that can be observed near year round.

The most impressive among them are the bald eagles, the size and presence these animals have is amazing. The best time to see alligators is usually in the winter though. The summer months are so hot that the Gators mostly stay underwater, towards the bottom of the lake to escape the sun. But when it gets colder thousands upon thousands of Florida Gators come up to feed and suntan. It’s quite the spectacle!

Observing gators in their natural habitat is awe inspiring. Last time I was on an airboat we had the opportunity to see them swimming and lounging right beside the boat. I would say manage your kids though, or put them on the inside.

An airboat tour with large gators is not a good place to learn the “keep your hands to yourself” rule the hard way. Bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and lots of water. A windbreaker may be a good idea too. I would highly recommend calling in to see what the best season for gator spotting is at whatever tour you decide to go on. If you decide to go on “Wild Willy’s” Airboat tour in St. Cloud, you will even get to hold a gator at the end of the tour, an experience you will surely remember for years to come!

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